The Snowdrop is a unique flower for Bulgaria. It is also recognized under different names as: “Bulgarian Snowdrop”, “Common Marsh Snowdrop” (Galanthus Nivalis), or “Summer Marsh Snowdrop”. This flower is considered as a bearer of centuries old traditions in healing, conveyed by Bulgarian herbal physicians.
Also, this tiny flower may be viewed as an outstanding nature capital of Bulgaria, as there is a very heart-breaking story demonstrates this.
It was our prominent Bulgarian scientist – Prof. Dimitar Paskov, PhD, who used the Bulgarian Snowdrop to compose a special extract and offer it as an adequate treatment of poliomyelitis (Child Paralysis) in the 1950s after the end of World War II. Thus, we reckon that Bulgaria offered to Europe and the World this special product “Nivalin” (the extract from the Snowdrop Flower) and saved the children from Child Paralysis.

Prof. Dimitar Paskov, PhD

Today, this story – easily forgotten, can be reborn on the basis of Bioeconomy & Biotechnologies to help create a new generation of bio-pharmaceutical products for prevention and treatment of such diseases, which have reached an epidemic state, such as Diabetes: Type-2.
Here is why, we decided that the Bulgarian Snowdrop is the best flower to metaphorically illustrate our intentions to assist Europe and the World in utilizing the Nature Capital, and here is why this flower is used in a genuine stylized form as an Official Logo of the Centre of Technologies of the University of Plovdiv – Bulgaria.

Centre of Technologies at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
The Official Logo of the Centre of Technologies at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv
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