The Centre of Technologies is the Flagship R&D structure of the University of Plovdiv – Bulgaria, committed to introducing and excelling Bioeconomy & Biotechnologies.
The Vision of the Centre of Technologies is to path-find the new milestones of Bioeconomy & Biotechnologies for public and private benefits on national, EU and global levels.
The Mission of the Centre of Technologies is to set new dimensions of thinking about Bioeconomy & Biotechnologies through introducing Business-to-Business (B2) partnership forms and real market applications of innovative high added value solutions, based on the capitals of the Nature.
The Goal of the Centre of Technologies is to serve as a break-through “Point-of-Departure” of modern applications of Bioeconomy & Biotechnologies, offered to industrial agents, market players, public institutions, and other interested parties.
The Centre of Technologies is set to employ cutting-edge R&Ds in Bioeconomy & Biotechnologies and dispense the accrued multi-layer knowledge and expertise to interested parties on jointly agreed contractual basis through B2B forms, projects, and other commercial vehicles.




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