Consulting in Bioeconomy/Biotechnologies is a complex business task, which may be successful, only if a team of professionals is composed for each and every case to analyze, comprehend, and provide adequate, timely, and cost-effective solutions. In this sense, the consulting business in this new field handles with providing special knowledge on high-class technologies, or also called high-tech solutions.

Furthermore, consulting in Bioeconomy/Biotechnologies as a business application necessitates a process of biotechnological innovations and strong partnerships, based on fairness and fair-play among the partners. In order to generate capital formations, based on biotech investments, a special class of investments is developed – investments in bio-industries.

International researches prove that consulting in Bioeconomy/Biotechnologies is viewed as a “win-win” situation and all partners in a deal can draw their shares fairly, if play symmetrically. In cases when consulting is rooted in business trust and confidence, then decision-making appears to be a natural process, resulting from the peaceful state of mind of the partners involved.

Speaking of professional consulting, it has to be underlined that professional ethics is crucial to any consulting contract, related to either a specific consulting advice or a consulting “package”. Questions concerning ethical and responsible behavior of all parties involved are confined by all the steps in the process, starting from the Letter of Intent, through the specific targeted R&D procedure, through patenting, and market branding and placement of a bio-product or bio-technology.

The Centre of Technologies is bound to provide confidentiality clause and comply with the highest standards of observing fiduciary duties with all of its partners.

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