Plovdiv is the oldest living town in Europe. This is a proven historical fact, and brings a sense of a civilization pride to Bulgaria and the Bulgarian nation. Not only this – but Plovdiv is ranked among Top-10 oldest cities in the World, according to different rankings. Thus, numerous layers of history may be found in the City of Plovdiv; and here is why, Plovdiv’s motto is: “Ancient and Eternal”.
The City is also known as “The Seven Hills City”. It is only Plovdiv, Bulgaria and Rome, Italy, which are located within an area of 7 hills.
Plovdiv keeps a long tradition of culture, music, arts, science and thus the city stands for the intellectual cradle of the nation.
The City was chosen to be the “Cultural Capital of Europe” for the Year – 2019.

Please, visit the suggested links for YouTube stories in English about Plovdiv to familiarize yourself with this great City!

Official Trailer for Plovdiv – Cultural Capital of Europe – 2019

Courtesy by: “Plovdiv 2019”

A Story about Plovdiv narrated by Mr. David Hoffmann


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