The Centre of Technologies is a new generation of an R&D entity within the structure of the University of Plovdiv, and may enter into binding contracts with different partners and execute projects of its own. In this sense, the Centre of Technologies has a specific statute within the University with the primary goal to preserve confidentiality of contracts and provide real-market solutions, products and/or technologies or service businesses under the laws of the country of Bulgaria.

The Centre of Technologies may provide different services to different partners under the conditions of a business and legal contractual relations. In this sense, the main services of the Centre of Technologies may vary from a business to business, but in any case, they are to relate to:

  • Industrial application of enzymes;
  • Diagnostics & analytics of general and modified enzymes;
  • Lab tests & references;
  • Lab simulations and recommendations for improvement;
  • Semi-industrial tests & checks;
  • Methodologies and quality assurance for developing new bio-products and/or bio-technologies;
  • Prebiotics & prebiotics & synbiotics testing and consulting;
  • Marketing and business researches and analyses for specific bio-products/technologies;
  • Market evaluation of Nature resources for business employment & cycling;
  • R&Ds and applications in industrial waste and environmental awareness;
  • Monitoring & reporting services;
  • Sustainable Bioeconomy/Biobusiness growth;
  • International industrial/sector/targeted comparisons & benchmarking analyses and recommendations;
  • Analyzing and solving various issues related to Bioeconomy, Biobusiness, and Biotechnologies;

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